Who we are


We strive to bring awareness of the status of Muslims and minorities in India with the intention of alleviating poverty.

The donations we raise from individuals throughout the India, fund our charitable projects in India and help us meet our objectives.

When you donate to DUFM, you are supporting a network of providing services in education, social welfare institutions to medical clinics, emergency relief and much more.



Provide economic and educational assistance to orphans and destitute children.

Provide immediate relief to victims of communal violence and/or natural disasters.

Provide information about the status of minorities of India.


To translate our goal into really certain objective has been set up DUFM Educational & Welfare Trust and maximum efforts have been taken to translate objective into reality. The main objective of the organization are to give free and compulsory education to the children below fourteen years, to provide assistance to the weaker section especially the disadvantages orphans disabled women children marginal & Small labor work of water & sanitation in the rural areas SCs &STs to carry out developmental activities in socio-economic education and agricultural fields for the welfare of the society.


To undertake all such activities that would promote charges and transformation in the society in the area related to health, Environment, Education, Culture and social economic reforms for sustainable uncountable development.


To develop a society for conducting programs of welfare and development of commons with emphasis on socially deprived categories including SC, ST, OBC, Minorities, Women, Children Aged & Handicapped.


To take up projects/programs on research, publication & documentation on welfare & development.

To take up programs on rule development health & sanitation. Training & education, awareness generation, rehabilitation of special need group programs of social defend, environment protection & Allied programs.


To Establish and run training and educational institution, homes for children, women and aged, health care units, dedication centers documentation units & such other center/units for welfare & Development.


To take up programs of entrepreneurship development, SHGs, Socio-economic programmers, Khadi & Village Industry & other production and marketing activities in collaboration with financing institutions for the benefit of poor especially women, SC, ST, Minorities & Physically handicapped.


To take up the programs of welfare and development in collaboration with individuals and agencies of local national & International Level.


To organize programs to, culture, handicrafts, health, environment, panchayat Raj, Youth & Sports & encourage people’s participation in all spheres of welfare and development.


To establish and operate library, study center and information Centre in rural area and also legal aid center for poor and needy people.


To take up such other programs/projects as may be decided by the Executive Body from time to time.